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Portal to Vetronia at Spawn in Exodus

Vetronia was the main world map in VeteranCraft for nearly three years. In September, 2011, after the Minecraft 1.8 update, Vetronia replaced the old world as the primary world in VeteranCraft. Vetronia is a play on the word 'veteran', named after the server, VeteranCraft. A live view of Vetronia can be seen on Dynmap by going to As of June, 2014, Vetronia was retired and Arda has become the new home world on VeteranCraft. Players can still visit Vetronia through a portal found at Spawn in Exodus, Arda's main island city.


After the Minecraft 1.8 beta update, Vetronians decided to seek new grounds to settle. The migration from old world began on September 19, 2011, when the world of Vetronia was opened for settling. The spawn is located on Vetropolis Island, in the middle of the map.

Geography & Wildlife

Mountain in Vetronia

Fully generated in 1.8.1, Vetronia is full of diverse geography. The world consists of a large continent to the northeast, a smaller continent to the northwest, and a large island archipelago surrounded by a vast, deep ocean.

The current size of the world is 10,000 x 10,000 blocks (5,000 in each direction of spawn).

Currently, all biomes exist, with the exception of tundra and giant mushroom biomes, which may be added if Vetronia is expanded out in the future. Mountains, grassland, swamps, forests, savannah, ocean and desert can all be found throughout the world. Cutting through the landscape are many rivers and ravines.

All Minecraft wildlife can be found spawning in the world, both outside, and underground.



The currency of Vetronia is the VeteranCraft Shilling, implemented through iConomy. Citizens openly trade in an open market using LocalShops, which is now known as JCShops. The largest commerce sectors are building materials, food, and diamonds. There is also a gold exchange which will be updated in the future.

Real Estate

In the past, property could be purchased using Residence, which was our old anti-griefing plugin. Now, VeteranCraft uses the Grief Prevention plugin to manage both old Vetronian properties and new claims in Arda. The current rate of land is VC§0.07 per block. Some players may choose to earn income through renting or selling property, either entirely, or in plots, such as in a city. As Vetronia is now a retired world (although still accessible), it is not recommended that you build there as this world will eventually be removed. New land should be claimed in Arda.

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