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The Power of Plugins

At Veterancraft, we use CraftBukkit – a server mod that greatly extends the potential of a vanilla Minecraft server. CraftBukkit brings many capabilities to the table, a pinnacle asset is its plugin mechanism that allows others to create modules for improving functionality, changing game behavior, or adding features that Notch has not yet envisioned.

There are hundreds of plugins to choose from (see Bukkit Plugin List) providing features ranging from something as simple as changing chat text colors to adding complex game behaviors for emulating other popular MMO-type games.

However, Veterancraft believes that SMP Minecraft should be about Minecraft, not plugins. That doesn’t mean that we don’t use them. We use them to empower server admins with tools such as logging, anti-griefing, and player management. We also use them to give players additional capabilities such as grief protection, MMO-style abilities, commerce and more, as long as they don’t detract from a Notch-style gameplay.

The Bane of Plugins

The reality is that most plugin developers are weekend coders. They are an enthusiastic bunch with great ideas, but don’t necessarily have the design and programming skills for developing code that can be used reliably in a multi-user, production quality environment. Take a look at a couple of plugin descriptions and chances are that you'll see introductions such as

I’m new to Java, but I made this plugin… This is my first plugin… This works great on my private server…

Needless to say, we take on a lot of risk when adding plugins. Unless you don't mind inventories getting wiped, lag spikes, or corrupted/missing chunks happening regularly, we take a very guarded approach to using plugins. We have enough work with the aforementioned problems during major releases when many players are ranting "gotta have it now or the world will end;" but yet, are the first to state dissatisfaction when problems happen. Obviously, we don't mean Veterancraft players, but instead refer to the rest that are out there. While Veterancraft is provided as an "as is" service, we try hard to ameliorate regular problems that afflict every server, every so often.

But, to be fair, there are also some excellent developers that put out high quality plugins - far and few between at times, but they are there. Any plugin developed by one of the Bukkit team members or their affiliates can be considered production quality, as they have in-depth knowledge of CraftBukkit. There are also many professional software engineers and programmers with tons of real life experience that produce great plugins and provide continued support and direction to their users.

Plugin List

Below is a list of our current plugins intended for players or general enhancements.

Plugin Recommendations

We are open to new plugin recommendations from our players. If you know of, or come across, a plugin that you think would enhance gameplay without detracting from Notch's vision, we are open to suggestions. But, remember this! This is our server; you chose to come here. We will not tailor it to suit your preferences from another server.

Recommendations must be submitted to the Suggestion Box. If you are recommending multiple plugins, please submit a request for each one separately (better traceability and limits thread to one topic of discussion). The following shall be included in each post:

These are the minimum requirements that plugins must have to even be up for consideration.

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