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We Do Not Have a Whitelist

All you need to log into VeteranCraft is our IP/Host Name. Our current IP/Host Name is In order to login and post on our forums, you will need to register with a username and email address. We highly encourage players to actively use the forums to stay informed of server news, events, updates and communication within our player community.

Everything is Legit

What this basically means is staff cannot and will not spawn items to build. We want to be different, in that the reward of legit items (items obtained through actual gathering) is more than the reward of spawning items, or WorldEditing. Meatbawllz does not even spawn items for his own use. If Meatbawllz, or the community needs items for a project, we buy them from other players who legitimately obtained them. This is, the most legit, fair, authentic way to have a truly free market survival server. You can take pride in knowing all your buildings are made of legit items, and nobody is above any other in this respect. (See No Spawn Policy for more details)

World Size

Vetronia and Nether are currently limited to 10,000 x 10,000 blocks. Our border protection plugin (WorldBorder) limits our maps to 5,000 blocks from spawn in each direction, and it is square, not round. This makes VeteranCraft about 12 square miles at 1:1 scale (half the size of Manhattan Island), and is plenty large enough for everyone to build and explore. Limiting the size of the world eases RAM and reduces lag. If we ever need to expand, we may broaden the borders.

We Do NOT Roll Back Griefings

We do monitor who griefs, and they will be banned, but we do NOT roll back griefings or replace stolen items. The only way you can protect your stuff from griefing 100% is to protect it with Residence. Residence is our self-operated grief protection plugin. This self-operated protection cuts back on the need for an enormous amount of staff to be online 24/7 and having to spend all their time on de-griefing. Additionally, rollbacks cause memory lag, and have been known to corrupt files. We are not willing to take the risk of extensively rolling back, in order to preserve our world(s). Either hide your stuff underground, or purchase land with Residence and protect it.

Ban Appeals

If you feel you have been wrongfully banned, and would like to appeal, go to the Ban Appeal Forum and state your case. Meatbawllz or another staff membet will decide whether you should get a second chance. The staff member who originally banned you may not decide on your appeal. Sometimes there is a perfectly good explanation, such as an accident.

Ventrilo & Teamspeak

We don’t have a Ventrilo or Teamspeak server. They don’t get enough traffic to make it worth it, so use in-game chat or Skype.


From time to time, the server will go down. This may be caused from restarts, updates, authentication issues or some other reason. We give many ways to keep up to date on server issues. For up to the minute text message updates, follow us on Twitter. If you’re at your computer, on our home page, you’ll find our most recent tweets, along with the most recent forum posts. You can also be notified by liking us on Facebook. Usually we’re 100% aware if there’s an outage, and don’t need to be notified, but if by chance we are clueless, open a thread on our support forum and we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible.

Low Player Slots

The number of player slots is intentionally lower than recommended. We make only a half to 4 times less player slots available than recommended, all in an effort to reduce [lag]. Just because you have 200 player slots does not mean a server can handle that many players. As the player slots get filled up more and more, peaking out, we may expand our server memory and processing power and open up more slots.


Rain/Weather is disabled in our primary world, Arda, as well as the old world Vetronia. Weather is enabled in our resource realms: Seraph's Realm and Outer Reaches

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