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A pre-generated home world isn't going to do much good for those that want to check out biomes and features of current MC releases. Instead of regularly wiping Arda, we offer up to two secondary worlds to host the latest and greatest biomes, resources, etc. These are Outer Reaches and Seraph's Realm, each of these worlds are 6,000 x 6,000 blocks.

Seraph's Realm is the current active world.


Whenever a regeneration (a.k.a. wipe) is required to make available new features, we create a new secondary world and decommission the old secondary world. The decommissioned world will continue to be available for ONE MONTH after regeneration letting players recapture resources from it. After that, it will be removed and any world-specific configurations such as remain GP claims, home/warp settings, etc. will be deleted.

What should be clear to you is that nothing is permanent in Outer Reaches and Seraph's Realm. These worlds will be reset from time to time. If you are looking to build permanent structures, you should consider Arda. For those of you that enjoy the challenge of rebuilding from scratch, you are more than welcome to build to your heart's content in our secondary worlds. It wouldn't be different from servers that do complete map wipes when major releases come about. On the plus side, you will probably want to have a base in Arda to stash away all the resources you toiled so hard for rather than starting off with absolutely nothing at the next major release.


Assume for a moment that the current secondary world is Seraph's Realm and the next Minecraft release requires regeneration. We will create a new pre-generated world under Outer Reaches and it will become the active secondary world. Access to Seraph's Realm will continue for one month. Thereafter, it will be deleted and the only available secondary world will be Outer Reaches.

Moving several months ahead with another release requiring regeneration, the same process is applied. A new world is generated under Seraph's Realm making it the active secondary world. Outer Reaches will remain accessible for one month, after which it and any related configurations are removed. This "swapping" of worlds continues for each new release requiring a wipe.



The following are some the key features that will be available in secondary worlds.

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