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The Outer Reaches is a separate map from Arda. The Other Reaches was implemented into VeteranCraft because people needed new places to gather more resources. It is one of two secondary worlds, Seraph's Realm being the other resource world that can be generated. When one world is activated, the other is offline, so that only one secondary world is active and available at a time. When the Outer Reaches is available, players can view the topography of this world map from the live map. PvP (by consent of both parties) is enabled in this world.

*Note:The Outer Reaches is currently closed.

Getting to the Outer Reaches

Outer Reaches portal at Spawn. Click to enlarge.

Vetronians can get to the Outer Reaches by going to spawn and then heading down the short hallway to a room that houses three portals - one to the Outer Reaches, one to Seraph's Realm, and one to the old world of Vetronia. Once in the room, just walk through the green arched portal (if this world is not the current secondary world, it will have a notice posted that it is "closed"). Once in the Outer Reaches, you will find additional portals that you can go through to head to different parts of the world, or simply head out from your current position. You can also take the portal back to Arda.


The Outer Reaches was added into VeteranCraft to let Vetronians see new updates Minecraft puts out and so that they can gather new resources because Vetronia has begun to lose its former amount of resources. The world was added in February, 2012 during 1.1. This world will also be exchanged for new worlds once new major Minecraft updates to maps come out.


The Outer Reaches, along with The Nether, is not pre-generated like Arda. This means that to find out what exactly is in the map, Vetronians must explore for themselves. The Outer Reaches is an 8,000 x 8,000 sized map. The world will have a central protected 100 x 100 spawn point. The Spawn area has portals to points that are 1,500 blocks away in each compass direction. The destination areas are also contained in a 100 x 100 protected area. Strongholds in either world lead to the same The End.

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