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McMMO adds several features from MMOs and RPGs to enhance the VeteranCraft gameplay experience. Players are able to gain skills, special abilities, form adventuring parties, and more. Due to the numerous features, this guide will not get into every detail, but will provide an overview of the McMMO plugin. For more information and additional documentation, please visit the McMMO Wiki


Command Overview

McMMO contains various commands to provide you with information about the plugin itself as well as your current McMMO skills/rank. You can even see how well you stack up against the other players on VeteranCraft!

Plugin Info

McMMO plugin info

This command displays information about the McMMO project, project developers, links and the running version of the plugin.

Skill Summary

McMMO plugin info

You can view a summary of your McMMO skills via the /mcstats command. This provides you with a quick, at a glance list of your current level in each McMMO skill. You will also see your current "power level" which is the total sum of your current McMMO skill levels.

Ranking Summary

McMMO plugin info

Curious how you stack up against the VeteranCraft player base? The /mcrank command will display your current, personal server rank in each skill. Ex: Excavation 24 - indicates that only 23 other people have a higher excavation skill than you.

Detailed Rankings

McMMO plugin info
/mctop <skill_name> [<page_number>]

Now to find out who those other 23 players are that have a higher excavation skill than you! The /mctop <skill_name> command will display the top ten players in the specified skill, highest to lowest. To display additional player rankings (at 10 player names per page), provide a page number. Ex: /mctop excavation 2 will display the "second page" of rankings for the excavation skill, listing players ranked 11 to 20.

The /mctop command used without specifying a skill, will display player rankings based on McMMO power level. Providing a page number, /mctop 3, will again display subsequent ranking pages. I.E. ranks 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, etc.


You can create your own parties to which you can invite friends and fellow players. Parties provide the ability to use party chat that is outside of the mainstream chat channel, form alliances with other player parties, share item drops and even share earned EXP. VeteranCraft donors are also able to use party teleport which allows them to teleport to any other player in their party.

Getting the Party Started

 /party create <party_name>

Before you can invite your friends, you need to create a named party, which is done with the /party create command, where <party_name> must be a unique name and can not already exist. Good choices of party names include your Minecraft gamer tag, purpose of the party, a nickname; but, it can be anything you want. For example to create a party called MyParty, type: /party create MyParty which will create the party, unless it already exists. If another player has already created a party with the same name, you will receive an error message indicating that party already exists.

Inviting Players to the Party

 /party invite <player_name>

You can invite as many players as you want to your party by using the /party invite command. This will send an invitation out the the named player, in response to which they can type /party accept to accept the invitation and join your party.

Joining an Existing Party

 /party join <player_name> [<party_password>]

You can also use the /party join command to join an existing party. Make sure that you have the right <player_name>. To join a locked party, you will need to know the party password and include it in the /party join command after the <player_name>.

Chatting in the Party

 /p <message>

To send a message to the party channel, use the /p command followed by your message. Any message without the /p command will be sent to the main chat channel. You can also toggle between party and general chat mode. Entering /p for the first time will place you in party mode. Anything you type in chat will automatically be sent to the party. Entering /p once more will take you out of party chat mode. Thereafter anything your type (without /p) will be sent to the main chat channel.

Private Party

 /party unlock and /party lock

By default, parties are locked and players can only join if the party leader uses the /party invite command to invite players. To unlock access to your party, you can use the /party unlock command. Once unlocked, players can join your party by using the /party join <leader's_name> command. To re-lock a party, use the /party lock command.

 /party password <party_password>

You can also optionally set a password for your party. This is an alternative to inviting players individually. Once the password is set, give it out to players/friends that you wish to join your party. They can use the /party join <leader's_name> <password> command to join your party directly without having to wait for an invitation.

 /party password

Using the same command without specifying a password, will disable password access. Players can now only join your party if they receive an invitation, regardless of what password was previously set.

Party Alliances

 /party alliance invite <leader-name>

A party alliance allows two parties to team up and ally with each other. Members of the party alliance with have shared party chat, still accessed via the /p <message> command, and PvP is disabled between alliance members. The party leader receiving your alliance request can accept the request using the command /party alliance accept.

 /party alliance disband

A party leader can leave the alliance using this command.

 /party alliance

To check your party alliance status, enter this command.

Party Teleport

 /ptp <player_name> or /party teleport <player_name>

NOTE: Party teleport is only available to donors.

The party teleport command allows players to send a teleport request to another member of their party. The target party member you are attempting to teleport to can accept the teleport request using the /ptp accept command. If a player wishes to always accept party teleport requests, the command /ptp acceptany will automatically accept all teleport request from a party member.

If you wish to prevent other party members from teleporting to you, or sending requests to you, party teleport can be disabled by using the /ptp toggle command.

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