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VeteranCraft is our Minecraft multi-player survival server. To play VeteranCraft, you can connect to our IP/Host Name: This wiki is a source of Server Information, Server Rules, Plugins, Minecraft Blog, and more. Bookmark this page to have quick access if you ever need anything in-game, or if you have questions. We request that you check here before asking staff members to help you. We've put a lot of time into this site so that we can avoid spamming up the chat with the same answers over and over again.

The Worlds

Quick reference world guide. Click to enlarge.

Many of you can relate to the problems that new releases of Minecraft can bring forth. In most cases, new features and capabilities do not affect game play but add something new (additive feature) or offer a means to make an older feature better (backwards compatible). Sadly, new biomes and constant tweaking of world generators don't fall into either category and cause some unique headaches when expanding maps. This is why many servers adopt a map wipe/reset policy whenever a major release comes out.

Starting over is not everyone's cup of tea. While many of us enjoy the challenge of starting from nothing and rebuilding our empires, others cringe at the notion. Frankly, its hard to see labor and efforts that went into community projects fade away into the eternal bit bucket. Rather than forcing players to endure such drastic measures, VeteranCraft provides an environment that offers the best of both worlds - no pun intended - by having several different worlds available to Vetronians.


Our primary world is Arda, which is a 30,000 x 30,000 block world where all players start. Players can claim a spot of land to build their home base and protect it from unwanted visitors or intruders. Players are welcome to start towns, other cities, or whatever their heart desires, provided it doesn't violate our Server Rules. Exodus is Arda's hub and spawn location.

Spawn Point at Exodus in Arda

It offers a bank where you can buy/sell gold, a government shop that will buy materials from members from time to time to support server-wide/community projects. Exodus includes a Compass Ship allowing players to get to the main land quickly to start their exploration and search. Portals to old worlds and secondary worlds can also be found in Exodus' spawn building. Likewise, Exodus has a harbor and skydock for portal ships and airships.

There is no weather in Arda (we may add periodically schedule weather), nor is world-wide PvP enabled. If you are looking to build an empire and want to ensure its longevity, Arda is the world for you. All world chunks have been pre-generated and you can view its full map at Veterancraft's DynMap page.

Think of Arda as your home world. Its purpose is to provide a stable, long-term world that doesn't suffer traditional map wipes as is common with many MC servers when a new version of MC is released. However, this is not a guarantee cast in stone. As long as future MC releases don't require map wipes, Arda will survive. Access to new items/mobs that do not automatically "add" to Arda are provided through our Secondary Worlds. However, we also have to be realistic. There comes a time when a long-term map gets stale, crowded, or does not have many features of more current worlds. When that happens, we will consider a new map.

Case in point. Our previous home world Vetronia was released on Oct 2011 (MC 1.8 Beta). Initially it was a 6Kx6K world and was expanded to 10Kx10K at a later date. It survived numerous MC updates that would have initiated map wipes elsewhere, but members could rest assured that their builds weren't going to disappear on a whim. But alas, in Dec 2013 we saw the writing on the wall that Vetronia was aged and that it was harder and harder to keep the ol' girl current despite our best efforts. It was time to put her out to pasture. On June 21, 2014, Vetronia, being 2 years and 7 months old, was retired and replaced with Arda. Vetronia is still around and will continue to be so for the near future giving members more than ample time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. A 2 1/2+ year old full-scale world is almost unheard of.

Is there a chance that Arda will be retired in the future? Definitely, yes. But with 30Kx30K blocks, which is 9-times larger that Vetronia the least we have to worry about is overcrowding builds. As long as future MC releases don't force a wipe and our Secondary Worlds can provide access to new items, biomes, and whatever else gets added to the game, Arda will enjoy a long and prosperous life. Given Vetronia's longevity, we can easily see Arda last for 2 or more years.


Vetronia was Veterancraft's first home world. It is still around, but was replaced by Arda on June 21, 2014 as the home world. Vetronia still exists and will continue so for the near future. Eventually, it is our hope to retire Vetronia on a different server allowing members to visit and walk down memory lane.

The Nether

Complementing Arda its its darker side - The Nether. This is the underworld of Arda wherein you can test your mettle against the elements and its denizens. The Nether is also a 10,000 x 10,000 world and there is a 1:3 mapping between it and Arda. Unlike the home world, PvP is enabled. Its you against the world and those in it, creatures and players alike.

Offensive destruction is also allowed, meaning that if someone hasn't take the time to protect structures, you can break into them. If someone throws up a barrack to protect themselves, you can break it down. While this may sounds a lot like griefing, it is not. If you are members of opposing, self-made factions, and are destroying each other's structures to prevent encroachment - that's fine. If you are going around willy-nilly destroying structures for the sake of maliciousness - that's griefing. We ask that you use common sense and be prepared to explain yourself should someone question your actions. If you aren't, be prepared for a boot.

Unlike Arda, The Nether is not pre-generated, nor fully rendered on Veterancraft's DynMap. Chunks are generated and rendered upon first visit. Also, don't get too comfortable entrenching yourself down below, because the Nether may be reset when new releases add features to it.

Secondary Worlds

See article Secondary Worlds.


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