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Guide Disclaimer

This is a guide written to help you understand some the basic commands and uses of JCShops, formerly known as LocalShops. It is not a definitive tome of everything there is to know about JCShops. Please be sure to follow any in-game instructions that JCShops as it may be more current than this guide. We are well aware of some of the oddities that LocalShops has, and hence JCShops. We are working on fixing/improving the user experience, but it will take time as we need to proceed very carefully lest shops get wiped out.


JCShops offers the ability for players to set up a physical shop/storefront through which they can sell items to, and buy items from, other players. Unlike virtual shopping, players must travel to a store in order to buy and/or sell items just as with chest-based shops. This fosters our desire to entice urbanization and community-based areas.

Unlike chest-based shops, JCShops don't require complex sign configurations or other mechanisms that get in the way of doing business. Shoppers and shop owners alike just use commands to conduct business in an effective manner. However, JCShops does support shop signs to show item inventories, buy/sell prices. Special signs can also be set up to initiate the sale or purchase of items.

Where Can I Set Up a Shop?

A shop can be setup anywhere in the world. However, if you want to get the storefront traffic, you are encouraged to place your shop in a market district in major cities and towns. Players have the ability to search shops for items through a simple command, but it is geographically limited to a 150 block radius. Thus, it generally makes sense to be where other shops are locations.

How Much Does a Shop Cost?

The cost of setting up a shop is 600 Shillings. There may be other fees depending on the locality in which you want to set up a storefront. You should speak with the appropriate officials for the area and inquiry what additional requirements you may need to fulfill before being allowed to create a store.

Deleting a store does not refund your initial 600 Shilling investment. However, you do have the option to move your store to another location at any time. The cost for each move is 250 Shilling.

What Can I Sell in My Store?

Any item that JCShops knows about. JCShops current support all MC 1.4.2 items, including potions. The only limitation that we're looking into is the inability to sell enchanted items. WARNING!!! JCShops does not prevent you from adding enchanted items to a store. However, doing so wipes out any enchantments.

Interacting With A Shop


To be able to see what is in a store, you need to physically be inside the shop area.

/shop browse

will list the items that a shop is currently trading in.

/shop browse buy

lists items for sale to the customer and the quantity at which they are sold.

/shop browse sell

lists items that the customer can sell to the store and the price and quantity at which they will be purchased.

/shop find <item_name>

will list the 10 closest shops within a 150 block radius that carry the specific item, showing their range in meters (blocks), and buy/sell prices, if any. For example, typing the command

/shop find iro ing

will list all shops that buy or sell Iron Ingots. You might see a result as follows:

Showing 3 shops having Iron Ingot
Country Store: (2 m) 8.00/6.00
Mats R Us!: (8 m) --/6.50
A Taste of Nether: (9 m) 9.00/--

showing that are three stores that deal in Iron Ingots - Country Store, Mats R Us!, and A Taste of Nether, which are 2, 8, and 9 meters (blocks) away from your current position, respectively. Country Store will sell you ingots for 8 Shillings a piece and buy them from you at 6 Shillings a piece. Mats R Us! is not selling ingot as indicated by the "--". This could mean that the store currently has no inventory or it is set up to only buy ingots. Similarly, A Taste of Nether is not buying ingots, which may be because the owner doesn't want to buy any or that his inventory is capped at the moment.

Buying Items

Use the following command to buy items from a store

/shop buy <item_name> {< quan> | all}

where <item_name> is the item you wish to purchase and <quan></amount> is the quantity that you wish to purchase. If you specify <code>all as the quantity, the shop will attempt to fill your inventory with the selected item, limited by the amount to space available in your inventory, quantity available, and obviously, money permitting.

Selling Items

Use the following command to sell items to a store

/shop sell <item_name> {<quan> | all}

where <item_name> is the item you wish to sell and <quan> is the quantity that you want to sell. If you give all as the quantity, the shop will attempt to purchase all stacks of the item selected, limited by purchase money caps set by the show owner.

Creating a Store

Defining an Area

Be sure you read this section carefully. Don't be a victim like so many did and gloss over it. If you do not select your shop area you will be given the default size, which may not be in the exact spot you want it to be. If you get it wrong, don't bother asking a mod to fix it - they can't. Your only recourse is to "move" the shop (see #Moving a Store).

In order to create a store, you must define the area that will contain the store. The defined area must be a three-dimensional area that players can walk into. The maximum definable area for a store is 30 x 30 x 10. It is highly unlikely that you will need such a large area. A 3x3x3 shop has the same abilities as one at maximum size. The size of your store only depends on what structural artifacts and window dressings you want to place in the store.

Default Size

If you do not select an area, the default size of the shop will be 5x5 centered around your current location and it will be 3 blocks high.

Selecting an Area

To help you in the selection process, it is best to place two blocks on opposite corners of the cuboid that you wish to select. Enter

/shop select

to start the selection process. Use your Bare Hands to select blocks. You will be prompted with the following.

Shop selection enabled. Use bare hands to select!
Left click to select the bottom corner for a shop.
Right click to select the far upper corner for the shop.

You will get a confirmation as follows when left-clicking the bottom corner,

First Position <x>, <y>, <z>
Now, right click to select the far upper corner for the shop.

If you don't get this confirmation you either didn't enter the command correctly, or you are not using your bare hand. You will get another confirmation when right-clicking the far upper corner of the area.

Second Position <x>, <y>, <z>
Type /shop create [Shop Name], if you're happy with your selection, otherwise keep selecting!

At this point you are ready to create your shop as explained in the next section. If you made a mistake in the selection process, you can continue left/right-clicking to change your corners. Remember you want to select an area that is more than 1 block high. Clicking on opposites corners of a rectangle on the floor will do you no good, since players will always be above your store. You want the cuboid to be a volume that players can enter.

The selection is part of the creation process. However, it doesn't not stick around forever. It does not persist through server restarts nor the occasional plugin reloads performed when administrators update configurations. You might want to to take some time thinking up a store name in the next section. If so, you should probably reselect your area before issuing the create command, just to be safe.

Creating the Store

Once you have an area selected, or if you decide that the default 5x5x3 area around your current position is sufficient, enter

/shop create <shop_name>

<shop_name> can include any text and symbols you desire. You should keep the name as succinct as possible. A store name such as "Trader John's Finest Materials For the Discriminating Miner" would just chew up too much valuable space in the limited chat window. Also make sure that you're certain about the shop's name. For some reason, JCShops does not provide an option for renaming a shop.

You will be charged 500 Shillings to create the store. Remember, this is non-refundable! Make sure that you have the right area selected. Don't ask staffers to undo your mistake.

Moving a Store

There may come a time when you want to either move your store to a new location or simple increase the size of your existing shop. You can use the

/shop move <id>

command to do this. Keep in mind, that each move will cost 250 Shillings. You will need to do two things before moving a shop. First, you need to know your shop's ID. This is not the name of the shop, but rather a number that is assigned when the shop is first created. Use /shop info while standing in your shop and look for ID: nn in the data provided - nn is your shop's ID.

Second, you need to use /shop select to select your new shop area. If you are expanding a shop's area, you need to to select the whole area you want the shop to be in, not just the area that you want to add.

After you have your shop ID and selected the area, use

/shop move <id>

where id is the unique identifier of your store.

Managing Your Store

Initially, your store will be empty with no items to sell or buy. Once they are added, you can set selling prices; and, optionally buying prices.

Your Inventory

There are several different ways in which you can add items to your inventory list and replenish your stock.

Adding Inventory

To stock your inventory with items, use the following command:

/shop add <item_name> [<quan> | all]

where item_name is the name of the item you want to add to the inventory, and <quan> is the number of items you wish to add. If you specify all, all the items in your current inventory will be added.

If you are not sure of the exact item name you can use a shorter version of the command

/shop add [<quan> | all]

This will do the same as before, but instead uses the item that is current in your hand.

Removing Inventory

There are two ways in which to remove items from your shop's inventory.

Completely Removing Inventory Items

/shop remove [<item_name>]

will remove all quantities of the item specified and put them in your inventory, space permitting. This will also remove the item and any sell/buy prices from the store. If <item_name> is not given, the item currently equipped in your hand will be used.

Pulling a Specific Quantity Out of Inventory

In order to remove a certain quantity of items from your shop's inventory, owner's must use the /shop buy. In essence owners are buying from themselves and they will not be charged for the transaction.

Adding Items to the Inventory List

You may be interested in just buying certain items, rather than selling them. If so, you can use

/shop add <item_name>

to add the item to your inventory list without actually placing items in stock.

Setting Prices

You can set buy and sell prices for all items. The Sell Price is the price at which you are willing to sell an item to a customer, while the Buy Price is the price at which you are willing to purchase an item from a customer.


Setting a price is simple. Use

/shop set sell <item_name> <bundle_price> <bundle_quan>

where <bundle_price> is the amount at which you are willing to sell a bundle of <bundle__quan> items. For example,

/shop set sell cobblestone 4.00 100

would allow customers to purchase cobblestone in lots of 100 for 4 Shilling. If you wanted to sell one compass at 75 Shilling, you'd enter

/shop set sell compass 75 1

Unfortunately, the drawback of this version of JCShops is that only one price can be set. Supposedly, multiple pricing will be available in the next release, which would allow you to set up multiple "bundles."


Setting up item prices for buying works the same as for selling.

/shop set buy <item_name> <bundle_price> <bundle_quan>

For example,

/shop set buy diamond 35.0 1

would configure your store to all customers to sell you diamond at 35 Shillings each. Or.

/shop set buy cobblestone 3.00 100

would let customers sell you cobblestone in lots of 100 for 3 Shillings.

You do need to keep in mind, that letting customers sell items without limits can cause you to run out of Shillings really quick. See further below, on how to set up safeguards against it.

Buyer Protection

If your shop offers the ability for customers to sell items to the store, you will want to set a couple of safeguards.

/shop set max <item_name> <max_quan>

This command sets the maximum stock size of an item. If the inventory quantity exceeds this maximum, the shop will not allow customers to sell that item to the store. The store owner can still add more items to the inventory at any time. Once the stock level goes below the maximum, customers will be able to sell items to the store again.

/shop set minbalance <amount>

This sets the minimum balance of your iConomy account that you want to keep. For example, suppose you have 3,500 Shillings in your account and you wish to only purchase a 1,000 Shillings worth of items from your customers, using

/shop set minbalance 2500.00

will ensure that customer sales will not take your balance down past 2,500 Shillings. Unfortunately, this limit doesn't move as your iConomy balance changed with other activities, requiring you to increase the minimum balance every time you have a significant income.

Instead, it is strongly suggested that you use the /shop set max command to limit the quantity of items that you are willing to buy. For example, let's say you are willing to purchase a 1,000 Shillings worth of diamond at 50 Shilling per diamond. Set the maximum stock size to 20. This will ensure that the store only purchases up to 20 diamonds from all customers (i.e. 1,000 Shillings). If your inventory reaches the cap, you can always remove some, or all, diamonds to allow customers to sell more to your store.

Shops as Inventories

It is entirely possible to use a shop as a personal inventory. Keep in mind that LocalShops/JCShops wasn't designed for that specific purpose and you will have to bear the lack of more effective commands to move items in and out of your "warehouse", but there is nothing to stop you from doing so. Also note that a private shop still counts toward your total shop count limit.

CAUTION: Use shops as private storehouses at your own risk.

Hiding Your Shop

A shop can be excluded from /shop find results by toggling its hidden flag with

/shop set hidden

This is useful if you maintain a shop close to public areas and want to avoid players seeing item matches in your private inventory. However, this does not prevent players from interacting with your shop. Always make sure that nothing is accessible to the public that shouldn't be.

Disable Shop Manager Charges

By default, shop managers are capable of adding inventory and adjusting other shops elements, but will get charged for removing items. Charging managers for removing items can be toggled with

/shop set nocharge

Miscellaneous Commands

Shop Information

/shop info [<id>]

will return information about the current shop in which a player stands. If the optional <id> is given, information for that specific shop will be shown. Note: </code><id></code> is not the shop name, but rather a unique identified assigned to the store.

/shop list

will list all the shops that a player owns, along with the unique ids and name.

Shop Managers

Shop owners can assign other players as store managers, using the following command

/shop set manager +/- <player>

For example, to remove bob as a manager and add fred, a shop owner would enter

/shop set manager -bob +fred

Shop Signs

JShops has the ability to set up Item Information signs and Buy/Sell signs. In order for signs to be recognized as shop signs they must be placed within a shop's boundary.

Item Information Signs

To create signs that show your stock level and buy/sell prices for an item, simply place a sign and enter the item name in the first line. For example, if you want to show off your supply of Cobble Stone, enter Cobble Stone or cob sto, for short. After the sign is added, it will display the buy price in the second line, the sell price in the third line, and the item's stock level in the last line.

Buy/Sell Signs

Buy/Sell signs are added in the same way as Item Information signs. Enter the item name on the first line of the sign, and enter either "buy" or "sell" on the second line to set the sign type.

Item Names


JCShops has improved the item name matching algorithm from LocalShops, but there are still some shortcomings. The 3-letter abbreviations still have some overlap. For example, what does san refer to? Sand or Sandstone. Because of this, all "stone"-named items are treated as two words - Cobblestone becomes Cobble Stone, Sandstone becomes Sand Stone, and so on.

Items List

JCShops has been updated to handle all MC 1.7.9 items and even some for MC 1.8. The following table list item names in long form and short form. For almost all items you only need to specify the first three letters of each word. For example, Stone Slab can be shortened as sto sla and Stone Brick, Cracked can be typed in as sto bri cra.

Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Chainmail Boots cha boo Chainmail Chestplate cha che
Chainmail Helmet cha hel Chainmail Leggings cha leg
Diamond Boots dia boo Diamond Chestplate dia che
Diamond Helmet dia hel Diamond Leggings dia leg
Gold Boots gol boo Gold Chestplate gol che
Gold Helmet gol hel Gold Leggings gol leg
Iron Boots iro boo Iron Chestplate iro che
Iron Helmet iro hel Iron Leggings iro leg
Leather Boots lea boo Leather Cap lea cap
Leather Pants lea pan Leather Tunic lea tun
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Block, Coal blo coa Block, Diamond blo dia
Block, Emerald blo eme Block, Gold blo gol
Block, Iron blo iro Block, Lapis Lazuli blo lap laz
Block, Melon blo mel Block, Quartz blo qua
Block, Redstone blo red Block, Snow blo sno
Brick bri Clay, Hardened cla har
Glass gla Jack Lantern jac lan
Nether Brick Item net bri ite Plank, Acacia pla aca
Plank, Birch pla bir Plank, Dark Oak pla dar oak
Plank, Jungle pla jun Plank, Oak pla oak
Plank, Spruce pla spr Quartz, Chisled qua chi
Quartz, Pillar qua pil Stained Clay, Black sta cla bla
Stained Clay, Blue sta cla blu Stained Clay, Brown sta cla bro
Stained Clay, Cyan sta cla cya Stained Clay, Dark Green sta cla dar gre
Stained Clay, Gray sta cla gra Stained Clay, Light Blue sta cla lig blu
Stained Clay, Light Gray sta cla lig gra Stained Clay, Light Green sta cla lig gre
Stained Clay, Magenta sta cla mag Stained Clay, Orange sta cla ora
Stained Clay, Pink sta cla pin Stained Clay, Purple sta cla pur
Stained Clay, Red sta cla red Stained Clay, White sta cla whi
Stained Clay, Yellow sta cla yel Stained Glass Pane, Black sta gla pan bla
Stained Glass Pane, Blue sta gla pan blu Stained Glass Pane, Brown sta gla pan bro
Stained Glass Pane, Cyan sta gla pan cya Stained Glass Pane, Dark Green sta gla pan dar gre
Stained Glass Pane, Gray sta gla pan gra Stained Glass Pane, Light Blue sta gla pan lig blu
Stained Glass Pane, Light Gray sta gla pan lig gra Stained Glass Pane, Light Green sta gla pan lig gre
Stained Glass Pane, Magenta sta gla pan mag Stained Glass Pane, Orange sta gla pan ora
Stained Glass Pane, Pink sta gla pan pin Stained Glass Pane, Purple sta gla pan pur
Stained Glass Pane, Red sta gla pan red Stained Glass Pane, White sta gla pan whi
Stained Glass Pane, Yellow sta gla pan yel Stained Glass, Black sta gla bla
Stained Glass, Blue sta gla blu Stained Glass, Brown sta gla bro
Stained Glass, Cyan sta gla cya Stained Glass, Dark Green sta gla dar gre
Stained Glass, Gray sta gla gra Stained Glass, Light Blue sta gla lig blu
Stained Glass, Light Gray sta gla lig gra Stained Glass, Light Green sta gla lig gre
Stained Glass, Magenta sta gla mag Stained Glass, Orange sta gla ora
Stained Glass, Pink sta gla pin Stained Glass, Purple sta gla pur
Stained Glass, Red sta gla red Stained Glass, White sta gla whi
Stained Glass, Yellow sta gla yel
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Book Shelf boo she Carpet, Black car bla
Carpet, Blue car blu Carpet, Brown car bro
Carpet, Cyan car cya Carpet, Dark Green car dar gre
Carpet, Gray car gra Carpet, Light Blue car lig blu
Carpet, Light Gray car lig gra Carpet, Light Green car lig gre
Carpet, Magenta car mag Carpet, Orange car ora
Carpet, Pink car pin Carpet, Purple car pur
Carpet, Red car red Carpet, White car whi
Carpet, Yellow car yel Cobweb cob
Creeper Head cre hea Firework Star fir sta
Flower Pot flo pot Head hea
Item Frame ite fra Paintings pai
Sign sig Skeleton Head ske hea
Torch tor Withered Skeleton Head wit ske hea
Zombie Head zom hea
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
11 Disc 11 dis 13 Disc 13 dis
Cat Disc cat dis blocks Disc blo dis
chirp Disc chi dis far Disc far dis
mall Disc mal dis mellohi Disc mel dis
stal Disc sta dis strad Disc str dis
wait Disc wai dis ward Disc war dis
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Bone Meal bon mea Cactus Green cac gre
Cocoa Beans coc bea Cyan Dye cya dye
Dandelion Yellow dan yel Gray Dye gra dye
Ink Sac ink sac Lapis Lazuli lap laz
Light Blue Dye lig blu dye Light Gray Dye lig gra dye
Lime Dye lim dye Magenta Dye mag dye
Orange Dye ora dye Pink Dye pin dye
Purple Dye pur dye Rose Red ros red
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Cobble Stone Wall cob sto wal Fence fen
Glass Pane gla pan Iron Fence iro fen
Mossy Cobble Stone Wall mos cob sto wal Nether Brick Fence net bri fen
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Apple app Baked Potato bak pot
Bread bre Cake cak
Clown Fish clo fis Cooked Chicken coo chi
Cooked Fish coo fis Cooked Porkchop coo por
Cooked Salmon coo sal Cookie coo
Egg egg Enchanted Golden Apple enc gol app
Golden Apple gol app Golden Carrot gol car
Hay hay Melon Slice mel sli
Mushroom Soup mus sou Puffer Fish puf fis
Pumpkin Pie pum pie Raw Beef raw bee
Raw Chicken raw chi Raw Fish raw fis
Raw Porkchop raw por Raw Salmon raw sal
Rotten Flesh rot fle Steak ste
Sugar sug
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Blaze Rod bla rod Bone bon
Charcoal cha Clay cla
Clay Brick cla bri Coal coa
Diamond dia Emerald eme
Ender Pearl end pea Feather fea
Flint fli Ghast Tear gha tea
Glow Stone Dust glo sto dus Gold Ingot gol ing
Gunpowder gun Iron Ingot iro ing
Leather lea Nether Quartz net qua
Nether Star net sta Red Stone Dust red sto dus
Slimeball sli Snow Ball sno bal
Spider Eye spi eye Stick sti
String str
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Block, Note blo not Daylight Sensor day sen
Dispenser dis Dropper dro
Fence Gate fen gat Heavy Pressure Plate hea pre pla
Hopper hop Iron Door iro doo
Ladder lad Lever lev
Light Pressure Plate lig pre pla Piston pis
Rail, Activator rai act Rail, Detector rai det
Rail, Powered rai pow Rails rai
Red Stone Comparator red sto com Red Stone Lamp red sto lam
Red Stone Repeater red sto rep Red Stone Torch red sto tor
Sticky Piston sti pis Stone Button sto but
Stone Pressure Plate sto pre pla Trapdoor tra
Tripwire Hook tri hoo Wooden Button woo but
Wooden Door woo doo Wooden Pressure Plate woo pre pla
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Barding, Diamond bar dia Barding, Gold bar gol
Barding, Iron bar iro Book boo
Book and Quill boo and qui Bucket buc
Dragon Egg dra egg Empty Map emp map
Lava Bucket lav buc Milk Bucket mil buc
Name Tag nam tag Paper pap
Reins rei Saddle sad
Soup Bowl sou bow Water Bucket wat buc
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Block, Clay blo cla Block, Grass blo gra
Cobble Stone cob sto Cobble Stone, Mossy cob sto mos
Dirt dir Ender Stone end sto
Glow Stone glo sto Gravel gra
Ice ice Ice, Packed ice pac
Log, Acacia log aca Log, Birch log bir
Log, Dark Oak log dar oak Log, Jungle log jun
Log, Oak log oak Log, Spruce log spr
Mycelium myc Nether Brick net bri
Netherrack net Obsidian obs
Ore, Coal ore coa Ore, Diamond ore dia
Ore, Emerald ore eme Ore, Gold ore gol
Ore, Iron ore iro Ore, Lapis Lazuli ore lap laz
Ore, Quartz ore qua Ore, Red Stone ore red sto
Sand san Sand Stone san sto
Sand Stone, Chiseled san sto chi Sand Stone, Smooth san sto smo
Sand, Red san red Soul Sand sou san
Stone sto Stone Brick sto bri
Stone Brick, Chiseled sto bri chi Stone Brick, Cracked sto bri cra
Stone Brick, Mossy sto bri mos
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Allium all Bluet, Azure blu azu
Brown Mushroom bro mus Cactus cac
Carrot car Daisy, Oxeye dai oxe
Dandelion dan Dead Bush dea bus
Fern fer Fern, Large fer lar
Huge Brown Mushroom hug bro mus Huge Red Mushroom hug red mus
Leaves, Acacia lea aca Leaves, Birch lea bir
Leaves, Dark Oak lea dar oak Leaves, Jungle lea jun
Leaves, Oak lea oak Leaves, Spruce lea spr
Lilac lil Lily Pad lil pad
Melon Seeds mel see Nether Wart net war
Orchid, Blue orc blu Peony peo
Poisonous Potato poi pot Poppy pop
Potato pot Pumpkin pum
Pumpkin Seeds pum see Red Mushroom red mus
Rose Bush ros bus Sapling, Acacia sap aca
Sapling, Birch sap bir Sapling, Dark Oak sap dar oak
Sapling, Jungle sap jun Sapling, Oak sap oak
Sapling, Spruce sap spr Seeds see
Sugar Cane sug can Sunflower sun
Tall Grass tal gra Tallgrass, Double tal dou
Tulip, Orange tul ora Tulip, Pink tul pin
Tulip, Red tul red Tulip, White tul whi
Vine vin Wheat whe
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Awkward Potion awk pot Enchanting Bottle enc bot
Glass Bottle gla bot Mundane Potion mun pot
Mundane Potion Ext mun pot ext Thick Potion thi pot
Water Bottle wat bot
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Potion Absorption pot abs Potion Absorption II pot abs ii
Potion Blindness pot bli Potion Decay pot dec
Potion Dullness pot dul Potion Fire Resistence pot fir res
Potion Harming pot har Potion Haste pot has
Potion Healing pot hea Potion Health Boost pot hea boo
Potion Hunger pot hun Potion Invisibility pot inv
Potion Leaping pot lea Potion Nausea pot nau
Potion Night Vision pot nig vis Potion Poison pot poi
Potion Regeneration pot reg Potion Resistance pot res
Potion Saturation pot sat Potion Slowness pot slo
Potion Strength pot str Potion Swiftness pot swi
Potion Water Breathing pot wat bre Potion Weakness pot wea
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Potion Absorption Ext pot abs ext Potion Blindness Ext pot bli ext
Potion Decay Ext pot dec ext Potion Dullness Ext pot dul ext
Potion Fire Resistence Ext pot fir res ext Potion Haste Ext pot has ext
Potion Health Boost Ext pot hea boo ext Potion Hunger Ext pot hun ext
Potion Invisibility Ext pot inv ext Potion Leaping Ext pot lea ext
Potion Nausea Ext pot nau ext Potion Night Vision Ext pot nig vis ext
Potion Poison Ext pot poi ext Potion Regeneration Ext pot reg ext
Potion Resistance Ext pot res ext Potion Slowness Ext pot slo ext
Potion Strength Ext pot str ext Potion Swiftness Ext pot swi ext
Potion Water Breathing Ext pot wat bre ext Potion Weakness Ext pot wea ext
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Splash Potion Absorption spl pot abs Splash Potion Blindness spl pot bli
Splash Potion Decay spl pot dec Splash Potion Dullness spl pot dul
Splash Potion Fire Resistence spl pot fir res Splash Potion Harming spl pot har
Splash Potion Haste spl pot has Splash Potion Healing spl pot hea
Splash Potion Health Boost spl pot hea boo Splash Potion Hunger spl pot hun
Splash Potion Invisibility spl pot inv Splash Potion Leaping spl pot lea
Splash Potion Nausea spl pot nau Splash Potion Night Vision spl pot nig vis
Splash Potion Poison spl pot poi Splash Potion Regeneration spl pot reg
Splash Potion Resistance spl pot res Splash Potion Saturation spl pot sat
Splash Potion Slowness spl pot slo Splash Potion Strength spl pot str
Splash Potion Swiftness spl pot swi Splash Potion Water Breathing spl pot wat bre
Splash Potion Weakness spl pot wea
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Splash Potion Absorption Ext spl pot abs ext Splash Potion Blindness Ext spl pot bli ext
Splash Potion Decay Ext spl pot dec ext Splash Potion Dullness Ext spl pot dul ext
Splash Potion Fire Resistence Ext spl pot fir res ext Splash Potion Haste Ext spl pot has ext
Splash Potion Health Boost Ext spl pot hea boo ext Splash Potion Hunger Ext spl pot hun ext
Splash Potion Invisibility Ext spl pot inv ext Splash Potion Leaping Ext spl pot lea ext
Splash Potion Nausea Ext spl pot nau ext Splash Potion Night Vision Ext spl pot nig vis ext
Splash Potion Poison Ext spl pot poi ext Splash Potion Regeneration Ext spl pot reg ext
Splash Potion Resistance Ext spl pot res ext Splash Potion Slowness Ext spl pot slo ext
Splash Potion Strength Ext spl pot str ext Splash Potion Swiftness Ext spl pot swi ext
Splash Potion Water Breathing Ext spl pot wat bre ext Splash Potion Weakness Ext spl pot wea ext
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Potion Decay II pot dec ii Potion Dullness II pot dul ii
Potion Harming II pot har ii Potion Haste II pot has ii
Potion Healing II pot hea ii Potion Health Boost II pot hea boo ii
Potion Hunger II pot hun ii Potion Leaping II pot lea ii
Potion Poison II pot poi ii Potion Regeneration II pot reg ii
Potion Resistance II pot res ii Potion Saturation II pot sat ii
Potion Strength II pot str ii Potion Swiftness II pot swi ii
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Splash Potion Absorption II spl pot abs ii Splash Potion Decay II spl pot dec ii
Splash Potion Dullness II spl pot dul ii Splash Potion Harming II spl pot har ii
Splash Potion Haste II spl pot has ii Splash Potion Healing II spl pot hea ii
Splash Potion Health Boost II spl pot hea boo ii Splash Potion Hunger II spl pot hun ii
Splash Potion Leaping II spl pot lea ii Splash Potion Poison II spl pot poi ii
Splash Potion Regeneration II spl pot reg ii Splash Potion Resistance II spl pot res ii
Splash Potion Saturation II spl pot sat ii Splash Potion Strength II spl pot str ii
Splash Potion Swiftness II spl pot swi ii
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Blaze Powder bla pow Eye of Ender eye of end
Fermented Spider Eye fer spi eye Glistering Melon gli mel
Golden Nugget gol nug Magma Cream mag cre
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Slab, Acacia sla aca Slab, Birch sla bir
Slab, Brick sla bri Slab, Cobble Stone sla cob sto
Slab, Dark Oak sla dar oak Slab, Jungle sla jun
Slab, Nether Brick sla net bri Slab, Oak sla oak
Slab, Quartz sla qua Slab, Sand Stone sla san sto
Slab, Spruce sla spr Slab, Stone sla sto
Slab, Stone Brick sla sto bri
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Stairs, Acacia sta aca Stairs, Birch sta bir
Stairs, Brick sta bri Stairs, Cobble Stone sta cob sto
Stairs, Dark Oak sta dar oak Stairs, Jungle sta jun
Stairs, Nether Brick sta net bri Stairs, Oak sta oak
Stairs, Quartz sta qua Stairs, Sand Stone sta san sto
Stairs, Spruce sta spr Stairs, Stone Brick sta sto bri
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Carrot on a Stick car on a sti Clock clo
Compass com Diamond Axe dia axe
Diamond Hoe dia hoe Diamond Pickaxe dia pic
Diamond Shovel dia sho Fishing Rod fis rod
Flint and Steel fli and ste Gold Axe gol axe
Gold Hoe gol hoe Gold Pickaxe gol pic
Gold Shovel gol sho Iron Axe iro axe
Iron Hoe iro hoe Iron Pickaxe iro pic
Iron Shovel iro sho Shears she
Stone Axe sto axe Stone Hoe sto hoe
Stone Pickaxe sto pic Stone Shovel sto sho
Wooden Axe woo axe Wooden Hoe woo hoe
Wooden Pickaxe woo pic Wooden Shovel woo sho
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Anvil anv Beacon bea
Bed bed Brewing Stand bre sta
Cauldron cau Chest che
Chest, Trapped che tra Crafting Table cra tab
Enchantment Table enc tab Ender Chest end che
Furnace fur Jukebox juk
TNT tnt
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Boat boa Minecart min
Minecart, Command min com Minecart, Hopper min hop
Minecart, Powered min pow Minecart, Storage min sto
Minecart, TNT min tnt
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Arrow arr Bow bow
Diamond Sword dia swo Fire Charge fir cha
Gold Sword gol swo Iron Sword iro swo
Stone Sword sto swo Wooden Sword woo swo
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Wool, Black woo bla Wool, Blue woo blu
Wool, Brown woo bro Wool, Cyan woo cya
Wool, Dark Green woo dar gre Wool, Gray woo gra
Wool, Light Blue woo lig blu Wool, Light Gray woo lig gra
Wool, Light Green woo lig gre Wool, Magenta woo mag
Wool, Orange woo ora Wool, Pink woo pin
Wool, Purple woo pur Wool, Red woo red
Wool, White woo whi Wool, Yellow woo yel
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Cocoa Pod coc pod Command Block com blo
Farmland far Fire fir
Lava lav Monster Spawner mon spa
Portal por Seeds, Carrot see car
Seeds, Potato see pot Water wat
Long Name Short Name Long Name Short Name
Bat Egg bat egg Blaze Egg bla egg
CRE Slab, Oak cre sla oak CRE Slab, Smooth Sandstone cre sla smo san
CRE Slab, Smooth Stone cre sla smo sto CRE Slab, Tile Quartz cre sla til qua
Cave Spider Egg cav spi egg Chicken Egg chi egg
Cow Egg cow egg Creeper Egg cre egg
Dirt, Grassless dir gra Double Slab, Acacia dou sla aca
Double Slab, Birch dou sla bir Double Slab, Brick dou sla bri
Double Slab, Cobble Stone dou sla cob sto Double Slab, Dark Oak dou sla dar oak
Double Slab, Jungle dou sla jun Double Slab, Nether Brick dou sla net bri
Double Slab, Oak dou sla oak Double Slab, Oak dou sla oak
Double Slab, Quartz dou sla qua Double Slab, Sand Stone dou sla san sto
Double Slab, Smooth Sandstone dou sla smo san Double Slab, Smooth Stone dou sla smo sto
Double Slab, Spruce dou sla spr Double Slab, Stone dou sla sto
Double Slab, Stone Brick dou sla sto bri Double Slab, Tile Quartz dou sla til qua
Ender Portal end por Enderman Egg end egg
Ghast Egg gha egg Horse Egg hor egg
Magma Cube Egg mag cub egg Monster Egg, Chiseled Stone Brick mon egg chi sto bri
Monster Egg, Cobble Stone mon egg cob sto Monster Egg, Cracked Stone Brick mon egg cra sto bri
Monster Egg, Mossy Stone Brick mon egg mos sto bri Monster Egg, Stone mon egg sto
Monster Egg, Stone Brick mon egg sto bri Mooshroom Egg moo egg
Ocelot Egg oce egg Pig Egg pig egg
Podzol pod Sheep Egg she egg
Silverfish Egg sil egg Skeleton Egg ske egg
Slime Egg sli egg Snow sno
Spider Egg spi egg Sponge spo
Squid Egg squ egg Villager Egg vil egg
Witch Egg wit egg Wolf Egg wol egg
Zombie Egg zom egg Zombie Pigman Egg zom pig egg
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