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The one thing that Vetronia has a lot of is water. Sooner or later, we all need to do some work underwater whether it is for an expansion or a major community project. Granted, there are clever ways of creating air pockets and using items to reset your breath, but when its an involved project should you really have to spend time catching your breath; or worse, risk accidental drowning death and having to run back to collect your things?

KaDiving is a plugin that gives you permanent or temporary immunity to drowning.


This plugin is considered experimental. It is a modified version of the original KaDiving that works with our newer version of CraftBukkit. It has been tested for functionality and seems to be working properly, but until extended trials are completed, we make no guarantees of its functionality. Use at your own risk!

How To Use

KaDiving is available to all players and has no commands that you need to remember. You get immunity to drowning through one of two ways.

Extended Underwater Breathing

To temporarily extend underwater breathing you need to equip a Gold Helmet and have a couple of stacks of Sugar Cane in your inventory. Once you run out of breath, your Sugar Cane will deplete every time you take drowning damage. You won't actually take damage or get the annoying drowning animation, but instead 1 Sugar Cane will be docked from your inventory. On average, 2 Sugar Canes give you about 1 second of underwater breath. Once your supply of Sugar Cane runs out, the Gold Helmet will take durability damage while still keeping you alive. Once that is destroyed, you will start receiving real drowning damage.

Permanent Underwater Breathing

You can get permanent underwater breathing if you equip a complete set of gold armor - Gold Helmet, Gold Chestplate, Gold Leggings, and Gold Boots. As long as you have all four armor pieces equipped, you will be protected from drowning damage.

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