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Brining the world closer together



For some time there have been considerations by others to build a railway from their location to Vetropolis and we encourage railway building as an alternate form of transportation.

For this reason, the Vetronian government has authorized the design and building of the Vetronian Railways, which shall comprise of four bi-directional railway lines leading east, west, north, and south from the Vetropolis Train Terminal. These lines will serve as main railways to which others can connect their cities, towns, and other community based areas.

The Lines

Current/Proposed Lines

The purpose of the each main line is to serve as an axis to which other railways can connect and allow travel to and from Vetropolis. These are the only lines that will be permitted to run to Vetropolis as it would be unfeasible to have dozens of railways terminating at the Train Terminal or in other parts of Vetropolis island. Exchanges can be added to the primary West, North, South and East lines but have to be ressed.

West Line

The west line runs through Bilgewater and beyond to the end of the map westward. Furthermore, it served as a concept demonstration for other lines. The line has several exchanges, which include (from east to west):

North Line

South Line

The south line runs to the southern edge of the current map. It will provide exchange points for Cape Town and other cities on the southern continent.

East Line

No plans are yet in place for the east line as there isn't much of a demand for railway connectivity; though that may change with possible ocean cities being built in the future.

Connecting to an Axis Line

Any town is welcome to build connecting railways to the closest main line, provided they meet the following minimum requirements:

Maintainance Efforts

If you come across part of the rail syatem that has been griefed, contact a moderator.

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